2023 Link up….

Need a new years resolution? You really ready for feel fresher than ever for 2023?

Now to clarify we are not saying vaping is part of your five a day, however if you continue to smoke dirty stinky cigarettes then you are going to die (earlier) so as much as we don’t promote smoking or vaping (its not that cool) IF you are going to get your fix for 2023 then you may as well aim for an option thats not going to stink the place out, fill your lungs with dangerous smoke or lead to an early grave so make the switch asap!

Richie has been proudly sponsored by Biff Boff Vapes for the 2023 show season, so if are a vaper then get your goodies from a reliable, reputable source to ensure you are not puffing on the poor performers and only chugging with champions!

Check out their website here they have loads of options to choose from and are super helpful with advice. Feel free to whatsapp Jon on ‘07308110020‘ both him and the team work 24/7 for a speedy service thats second to none and are always happy to help out!

Don’t forget to say we sent you and he’ll look after you for sure.

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